Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm back after a long break from blogging

Hi Everyone and welcome back to my Blog..Been gone for a long time. Did I gain all my weight back? No, but alot of it I did..

Now lets go to my excuses for the break :

As i mentioned in my last post (Dec) 1. my gym was closed for renovation. 2. Minus degree climate was the real enemy for outdoor exercises 3. Busy with 2 courses in Stanford.

I thought of writing updates from end of Jan. Then it was my daughter's 4th birthday, 1 week later my husband's birthday, then Feb was filled with valentines day, March with my birthday, my food blog- Lemon n Spice's 5th anniversary and April with my wedding anniversary.. i ate , ate, ate and put on lots of lbs :( . I thought i will reduce that first, and then will continue to write my weekly diet updates. but it was getting delayed than i expected. Last night I thought, why not write exactly about how I feel. So, that’s precisely what I have done.

Getting Back on Track :

I started to diet, exercise (from last week) and now i feel im on track. So here I am back on it and my blog is the first step to making that commitment.


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