Sunday, November 10, 2013

A new Beginning...


Hello All,

I am Lena Rashmin Raj, a post graduate in computer science engineering, a loving wife, mom and author of 'Lemon n Spice', a Food blog .

When i started my food blog on march 2009, i never imagined that i will get hooked sp bad. Pretty soon every weekend i started making romantic 5 course dinner just for my husband and he loved it. He used to cycle to work and walk in the evenings, which helped him maintaining his weight. Me on the other hand started putting on weight like crazy. After 3 yrs of marriage i started noticing visible change in me. Eating late at night, having junk food, carbonized drinks, no-exercise and having more food was the order of my life. 

How ever hard i tried I was not able to stick to a regular workout schedule or diet for more than 3 weeks. 

When I was unpacking my stuff after we moved from Banglore to Sunnyvale, California I stumbled upon an old photo of me and my husband. I was shocked when i looked at my face in the picture and compared it with the face in the mirror “is that really me, I have really changed a lot". 

I decided that i need to take control of my life, it’s time to make a change and start down the path of weight loss. It dawned on me that, rather than focusing on weight loss and obesity, I should focus on leading a healthy life. Here i am using this blog as a platform to share my daily work out schedule and healthy menu.



  1. whether u have a change in your weight or not... but u nvr changed ur heart... ur such a lovely sister for me and a wife for my ettan and a best mom for rithika.... ur really great chechiiii.....

  2. Awesome Lena.. just stumbled upon this blog of yours. Very nice... keep it up. Am sure you are going to succeed in your mission. I am going to be following your diet program and take in inputs from it. All the best :)


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