Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to start a Weight-loss Program ?

1. BMI : Find Body-mass-index(BMI), a unique number which is a measure for human body shape based on your weight and height. You can find your BMI using this calculator. According to this calculator, my BMI is 31.2 which is considered as 'obese class I'.

2. Calorie counter : Using a Calorie counter, understand how much calorie you have to eat, burn and exercise. You can use this calorie counter which i followed. According to this total calories including exercise for me is 1468 to reduce weight. Its really important that we should not reduce calorie intake drastically as it will create serious health issues. So i am sticking to 1400 calorie diet. You can find out calories in common foods here and create a suitable diet for you or you can follow my diet which i created after reading several books and sites.

3. An average person needs to burn 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound in a week. I recommend you do that by a combination of diet and exercise, e.g., eat 200 fewer calorie and burn 300 calories through exercise.

 4. Choose your workout : You can choose any exercise, but stick to it and do it for minimum 30 minutes. Here i am giving few simple fat burning exercises.

calorie burned
in 30 minutes
Brisk walking
175 calories
345 calories
Cycling / Yoga
195 calories
210 calories
Tennis / Rowing
250 calories
225 calories

I decided to do 35 minutes treadmill (150 calories) + 20 minutes Cycling (50 - 60 calories) + 6 minutes Rowing (50 calories) = 250 calories or more. I started with a 30 minutes work out and now i am successfully working out twice a day from morning 7.30 am - 8. 30 am and evening 7 pm to 8 pm. 

Now you set the goals and be prepared to continue a healthy diet and work out till you reach a healthy weight. 



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