Monday, June 1, 2015

Diet for June - Week 1

A point that every person who is on diet reaches - to continue or not continue, have you been there?? I have, not once but several times.Excuses are different, India Trip, Kids Birthday party, Vacation etc etc... I realized, when you think of stopping your diet / exercise, that's the point you really should try to go on. Search for more motivation, try your old cloths which you were wearing years ago / compare your old photos with new one / get friends for weightloss to do it together / read success stories etc. I am uploading diet for 7 days today and what you have to do is write your daily food intake to me. Isn't that simple!!! Lets do it together friends :)

Apple Spring Salad

5 golden rules for weightloss

1. Eat every three hours: Don’t wait till you get hungry. It is important to consciously eat at the right time for your body’s metabolism to work optimally. If you are late to take a meal, you are tend to eat cheat foods. I learned it from my experience.

2. Control your portion size: If you got your portion size correct, you are half way done for your weight loss. Eat everything you like including icecream / chocolate / pizza, but make sure you are following portion size.  

3. Avoid / reduce sugar intake : They just add empty calories to your body. We can get enough natural sugar from seasonal fruits and dry fruits. This is the hardest for me, but still i try to reduce the intake of sugar.

4. Drink enough water: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water every day. I drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily

5. Exercise : It is very important to add exercise to your daily routine. Exercise is not for the numbers you see on a weighing scale, but its for your health and future happiness.It reduces stress and anxiety. 

Breakfast Options :

1.  As i mentioned in last post, im having fresh juices / smoothies for breakfast from Jan. Juice is less in calories. So if you are having juice in the morning make sure you are having a morning snack.

2. 1Cup of multigrain serials with 1/4 cup 2% fat milk topped with fruits and 1tsp flaxseed meal.

3. 1/2Cup granola with 1/2 cup greek yogurt and fresh fruits

Morning / Evening Snack Options :

1. 1/2 cup walnuts / Pecans / almonds / raisins 
2. 1cup Cantaloupes / grapes / berries / 1 apple
3. one Boiled egg
4. 12 Baked Tortilla chips / apple chips
5. 3 Prunes

Lunch Options :

1. 1cup rice / 2 medium oil free chappathi with dal and 1/2 cup vegetable sabzi (reduce oil and salt) with carrot / beetroot / beans / cauliflower
2. Salad
3. Sandwich with grilled chicken / vegetables
4. 2 medium Iddli / 2 Dosa with chutney / 1/4cup sambhar
5. Poha
6. 1 1/2 cup Vegetable Pulao / Mushroom mint pulao / Chicken biriyani (Dont forget the portion size)
7. 1Cup Brown rice with 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1/2 boiled corn / carrots

Dinner before 7.30pm

1. Oats Kanji (Boil 1 1/2 cup of water in a sauce pan . When it comes to rolling boil, add 3tbsp of oats an dclose with a tight lid. Turn off the flame immediately. Open the lid after 10 minutes and adjust the salt )

2. No rice in the night for week 1

3. fresh fruits melons / apples / grapes

4. Oats Upma

5. Broken wheat Upma

6. Soups - Lenthil soup / Tomato soup / Lemon Chicken Soup / Sweet corn soup

7. Salads


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  2. Hi Lena, love your blog..I need to loose around 10 kgs and am on the other side of 50..please tell me if I follow your plan how many calories am I taking in and also should i follow your plan from June first week or go further back to your blogs...also any tea/coffee allowed with sugar free?

    1. you can almost eat anything within your daily calorie intake Sapna.. i have added calories contained in almost every Indian food here.. make sure you are not eating more than 1300 cal..


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