Friday, August 21, 2015

Healthy Foods to stock in your Fridge

The right food you put in your refrigerator is the key to healthy eating.  If you want to loose weight, get rid of the junk and stock the shelves with nutritious choices.  

Healthy food to stock in your Refrigerator
When we diet, we reduce the quantity of each meal which will make you hungry after few hours. There comes the villain- Unhealthy snacks in the fridge / pantry / freezer - ice creams / pastries / salty chips / carbonated drinks . I love most of the unhealthy snacks, so i don't buy them. Once in a while you can eat all these things, but if you are sitting / working from home and your fridge and pantry has unhealthy snacks, your hand will reach for it. So today after grocery shopping, i thought of taking a photo of my well stocked refrigerator and write about it. 

Refrigerator must-haves
  • MilkYou can choose 2% milk for healthier choice or you can use unsweetened Almond milk. I use only Almond milk for my smoothies and cereals, but i buy whole milk for my family.
  • Eggs : Boiled egg or omelette is a quick and satisfying snack or a side dish.  If you had an Omelette with 2 eggs and veggies , it keeps you full for long time compared to cereals. 
  • Fruits and Vegetables : Before i started dieting, i hated fruits except mangoes. So it was a challenge for me to eat it daily, but i included it in diet. Then when i noticed fruits are helping me to control my sugar craving, i started loving it.  Keep bananas and few apples on counter top. Transfer oranges, grapes and berries to refrigerator. Cut up melon, cantaloupes and keep it ready in a box to munch. 
Healthy food to stock in your Refrigerator
  • Yogurt : Go for low-fat Greek Yogurt and make a parfait with fruits and granola. You can add it to smoothies or use as a fat substitute in baking cakes / muffins.
  • Baby spinach / Kale / Lettuce / Spring mix bags : Its great for a salad. You can use it as a filler in sandwiches / burgers / wraps.
  • Salad Dressing : My favorite is marmalade Vinaigrette dressing, but sometimes i use mayonnaise / ranch / cream cheese / Dijon mustard dressing. 
  • Cheese :  Replace mellow, soft cheeses with sharp, harder ones. A small amount packs lots of flavor, saving you both dollars and fat grams. Look for aged Cheddar and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I use Cheddar cheese slice in my sandwiches and for snacking i use Babybel / Swiss cheese wedges. Both are from same company "Laughing Cow", but recently i read this article and i found babybel is beter than Swiss cheese wedges. so this month option is Babybel.
  • Chicken / fish / turkey breast : I stock it all the time as i am a non-veg lover. I use grilled chicken in my salads / soups / sandwiches or i make our traditional curries. Teriyaki salmon is my favorite Entree with apple salad. Turkey breast is a good filling for cold / warm sandwiches.
Happy Fitness !!

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