Monday, June 9, 2014

My 1400 calorie Diet - April 1st 2014 to April 30th 2014

If you are new to the series, go through How to start a weight loss Program, week 1, week 2, week 3 , week 4 and week 5. As i started my exercise again im following my 1400 calorie plan.

Stir fried vegetables with olive oil
Week 6
1Cup Kellogg 's Raisin bran  with 1/4cup 2%fat milk and 4tbsp dried cranberries (329cal)


a) Kerala Fiber rich matta rice(1cup) with 1/2 cup daal / 1/4cup chicken curry with 1/2 cup boiled beetroots / carrots / beans / cabbage
 b) Pan seared chicken breast 5oz / 2 fried eggs with garden salad
c) Broken wheat vegetable upma


a) Husband bought a bag of Lindt truffles..i ate some chocolates (could not control it )
b) 1/4 Cup unsalted almonds
c) i medium apple
d) 1/2Cup Reese's Peanut butter cup cereals

a) If im having rice in the afternoon then i dont eat the same for dinner otherwise i take it.
b) Chicken Tortilla/ chappathi wrap
c) Chicken sandwich
d) 2 dosa and 2tbsp coconut chutney
e) 1/2cup fish curry with 2 chappathi

 Week 7
Vegetable stuffed Omelette with pan seared Asparagus and mushrooms
1Cup Kellogg 's Mini wheat's(21 biscuits)  with 1/4cup 2%fat milk and 6 sliced strawberries (279cal)

Lunch  (it was an egg week :) )

a) Vegetable stuffed Omelette with pan seared Asparagus and mushrooms
b) Tortilla egg wrap
c) Cheddar cheese , fried egg sandwich with 2 whole wheat bread
d) 2 boiled eggs with Stir fried vegetables
e) Egg curry with 2 chappathi

a) 1 medium apple
b) 10 tortilla chips with 3tbsp salsa
c) 1 banana
d) Tropicana orange juice


a) Rice and vegetable thoran(veggie and coconut stir fry)
b) Tuna stir fry and 2 chapathi
c) Apple and chicken salad

Week 8

Chicken Caesar salad with sprouts

a) Oats Porridge with 1/2 cup oats, salt, 1cup skim milk
b) Raisin bran like last week
c) 2 medium size plain Dosa with coconut chutney


Enjoyed Vishu (A Kerala festival) on 15th and entire weekend i had 1cup rice for lunch with one of the leftover curry from Vishu Feast

a) chicken and broccoli salad
b) grilled vegetables
c) 1/4 cup salmon Fish curry and 2 chappathi
d) 2 slice 5cheese pizza (600 cal , exceeded the limit :( )

Week 9

Chicken tortilla wrap


a) 2 dosa with 1/4 cup sanbar
b) oats porridge with 1/2up oats, 1cup 2%milk and salt
c)1 cup  Kellogg's raisin bran 1/4cup with 2% milk
4) Rava upma 1cup


a) 1cup high fiber matta rice and daal / 1/2cup chicken curry / 1/2cup salmon fish curry / omlette with 2eggs + vegetable stir fry with coconut (thoran)


a) grilled chicken lollipops with lemon and honey
b) pan fried 4oz tilapia with stir fried vegetables
c) boiled sweet potato and egg
d) chicken tortilla wrap

Baked Chicken lollipops
So that's it month is gone. and i followed this diet with regular exercises for 1 hour in gym. i did 30min treadmill, 20min elliptical with some strength training exercises. Daily i burned 375-400cal..

Starting weight : 178.5lbs
Week 1 : 174.3lbs
week 2 : 171.9lbs
week 3 : 169.5lbs
week 4 : 170.8lbs
week 5 :  168.6lbs
A gap of 5months
Week  6 : 177.5lbs
Week 7 : 175lbs
Week 8 : 175lbs

Week 9 : 174.5lbs


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