Friday, October 31, 2014

Diet for November Challenge

I will suggest you to follow a High protein, High fiber - low carbohydrate diet for those who find their BMI between 24.1 < 31. Try not to consume All purpose flour in any form (bread / cake / cookie / Naan) for November diet. Make sure you are not starving your body by consuming below 1200 calories. Read this for more information.

Breakfast : Maximum 400cal
1. 1 cup multigrain cereals with 2% reduced fat milk and 2tbsp raisins / Strawberries - 200cal
2. 1/2 Cup granola with 1/2cup greek yogurt and 1/2 cup berries - 355cal

3. two medium dosa / 3 medium Iddli with 1/4cup sambar or 2tbsp chutney - 250cal
4. two Whole wheat banana pancakes - 360cal
5. Two fried eggs in 1/2tbso olive oil - 200cal
6. Avacado Smoothie with 1/2avacado (55g), 1 cup 2%milk and 1tsp honey - 247cal
7. Butter jam sandwich with Two slices of whole wheat bread (180cal), 1tsp jam and 1tsp melted unsalted butter - 220cal
8. Oatmeal cooked with 1/2cup oats and 1cup 2% milk - 205cal

Snacks : Maximum 200 cal
prune 17cal / 1 apple / banana 105cal / low fat cottage cheese 80cal / 1/4cup unsalted almonds  / 1 Laughing cow Swiss cheese wedge  / 10 Tortilla chips / 1 hard boiled egg / 1 low fat string cheese

Lunch : Maximum 400 cal

1. broken wheat vegetable upma 
2. 1Cup any rice with 1/2 cup daal curry and any vegetable sabzi
3. Grilled chicken breast 6oz with vegetables (peppers, onion, carrot) : 239cal
4. Mushroom Mint pulao 400cal /veg pulao 390cal
5. Two chappathi (Without ghee) and 1/2 cup paneer gravy / chick pea gravy / Rajma curry / boneless skinless Chicken Curry / Fish curry 
6. Whole wheat Sandwich with roasted veggies / grilled chicken breast, 1 slice of cheddar cheese slice (no mayo )

Dinner (before 7.30pm) Maximum 400 cal

You can eat similar food like Lunch for dinner if your BMI is below 28. If not, try not to eat rice twice a day. Dinner should be light. 

Japanese Soba noodle soup
1. 1 large bowl of soup (tomato / chicken / vegetable) with 1/4 cup soaked peanuts and 10 baked tortilla chips
2. 1Cup boiled chick pea salad
3. Grilled / Pan seared 5oz fish fillet / 4oz Skinless boneless chicken breast
4. 1 healthy tortilla / Chappathi roll with  veggies or minced chicken 
5. Quinoa salad / Caesar salad / Black bean salad
6. 1 cup rice or 2 chappathi with 1/2 cup daal / skinless chicken breast curry / fish curry with 1/2 cup veggie stir fry or sabzi

Notes : a) Reduce the amount of oil you use to make Lunch / Dinner b) Do not use Potato in week- 1 diet (You can consume it slowly after week 2) c) No Deep fried food 3)  If you are taking Tea / coffee , make sure do not use sugar more than 1tsp a day 4)Try not to have any food after 8pm 4) Try to have 2 green tea a day 5) An average person should drink 2 liters of water a day.

Exercise :

I do gym 5 days a week and burn a minimum of 500 to 600calories. It is a combination of 30min treadmill, 15min Elliptical, 15min Cycling, 15min Rowing and 20min Strength training exercises. It took 4months for me to form a pattern of exercises which i love. If you are a beginner to exercise and need to know more details to choose an exercise, do let me know. If not choose one from below options as your main exercise and if interested add more according to your stamina.  
1. 45min to one hour walking
2. 45min to one hour
3. 45min swimming
3. 30min Treadmill
4. 30min Elliptical
5. 45 min dance / Zumba
You can reduce weight with no exercises too. As i mentioned in 'September & October diet' post, i got ligament inflammation and not in a state to do exercise in November. But im sure i will stick to my diet with a smoothie / cereals as breakfast, healthy snack,  chappathi / rice with curry and sabzi as lunch and soup / salad as dinner. I wont eat more than 1400 cal for sure. You can follow that too. If you want you can write to me what you are eating daily with portion size. 

Exercise for Beginners 
Week 1 -  Only cardio : 15min treadmill at 3.5 speed
Week 2 - Strength training : 2 sets of 10 squats (click here for youtube video) , and 2 sets of 10 crunches & week1 exercise
Week 3 - Week 2 and abs exercises
Week 4 - Jillian's abs exercises(try to do atleast 6 with them) and week 3 exercise

All the best friends :)

Happy Fitness, 


  1. Lena, can't we drink coffee tea Is it included in breakfast.

    Also, I'm a beginner to gym. Could u give more details on do's and dont's. And how much time for each activity.

  2. Happy to see your response Vandhana.. I have edited the post and added all the details for a beginner..follow the diet and do let me know the weight changes on 11/8 , 11/ 5, 11/ 22 and 11/28..If you want you can write here what you eat daily as a diary note :)

  3. Hi Lena....I am very much going to follow this but I will come up few questions. For now what is 1 cup equal to ?
    Thanks for coming up with such an idea of doing together as a team and inspiring us....:)

  4. Thanks Bhawana...I didnt understand your question about 1cup.. did you mean the portion size i specified? If so, portion size is the biggest element in weight loss.. you can eat whatever you wish, but control the portions. i bought a weighing scale and started weighing each any every item i put in mouth. If you are measuring rice , daal, curries etc for first 1 week before eating , you will come to know the portion size of each food. have in small portions, but eat everything u love.. i used to eat icecreams / chocolates alot.. but when i started writing, i feel embarrassed to rite it down im having it this much.. so again i reduced the amount of sugar intake.. still i have all those, but small portions.. If you want more details with picture, do let me know.. You can write here what you are having daily.. :)

  5. Hi Lena, I am going to follow this. But can I have Tea with butter toast for my breakfast. I am ypothyroid so is there something recommended to keep wt in control.

  6. Happy to see your response Ankur... Go through your food but make sure you are using a healthier bread.. Have tea but reduce the sugar intake to max 1tsp


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